Kingfisher mission.

Six hours in a hide at a private site in Hampshire, resulted in about ten seconds with this young Kingfisher within range of my lens, and only one or two pictures that work. I’m very pleased with this picture so I’m not complaining, though it would have been nice to have taken a wider selection of images.

kingfisher Alcedo atthis

You can’t win them all and that’s wildlife photography for you! Patience will often pay off but there are rarely guarantees. It’s been a long time since I photographed Kingfisher and it’s almost always been from a hide. So having a good deal of background knowledge and fieldwork behind you will be the key.

My host had done just that and placed his hide in just the right place, from what he told me, after much trial and error.

You know who you are, thanks very much for the opportunity, I hope to do it again some time. Mission not quite accomplished, but a great start.

Rich Ford

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