Don’t fence me in

This magnificent Roe Deer buck was perhaps taking the same route he had done across his territory for many months. I found him running and pacing furiously along this new deer fence (deer fencing is very much designed to keep deer on the erector’s desired side of it).

Roe Deer buck
Roe Deer buck

He seemed confused and a little distressed, you can see the old rusty fence in the foreground which for years he has had no trouble clearing. I don’t know the reason for the new fence and at first I considered the photo spoiled by it. I still do, but coupled with the story, it seems to serve as a metaphor for much of what is going on for Britain’s wildlife.

So much of what seems like open countryside is in fact segregated in this way. So many people want to keep nature out of “their” space and so many could gain from embracing it and letting it flood in.

Roe Deer buck
Roe Deer buck
Rich Ford

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