Crest population on Fire

Two pairs were already established, singing and showing well in the Bordon Inclosure on 16th of February this year (2022). I’m starting to wonder if they ever actually leave the area. Clearly Firecrest do move around and some migrate here but based on my experience it’s clear that many don’t winter especially far from where they breed.

I saw or heard nine singing Firecrest in the Deadwater Valley Trust Bordon Inclosure during a survey of a small area there first thing this morning. Most birds were associated with Ivy covered trees or Holly. They are tiny, the smallest british bird along with the Goldcrest and were formally a scarce bird in the UK. They first bred in the New Forest in 1962 and have steadily increased in numbers over the following decades. The Bordon area clearly suites them well and their song can be heard in suitable areas from late February to early March.


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